In light of what the gospel tells us about ourselves, those around us and the world to come, what attitudes and values should we bring into civic life and political conversation?

Vision of the City is dedicated to exploring this compelling question. You won’t find a prescription for legislation to support or candidates to endorse here. Instead, people of all creeds will hopefully find kindling to spark thought-provoking, edifying discussion about the Christian narrative and what it means to engage civic culture in a uniquely Christian manner.

About the Editor

Photo of Rick BarryRick Barry lives and works in Washington, DC. An art school graduate with a degree in creative writing, he has worked for numerous political campaigns and non-profits, initially directing grass-roots voter contact before moving into marketing and communications. He loves to think about politics, culture and God, and the surest way to keep him in a conversation is to weave together any two of those topics. 

He has written about art and pop culture for national and international magazines, and occasionally blogs on the topic at TheRickBarry.com. He currently directs communications for the Grace DC network and serves on the boards for the Anacostia Gracious Arts Program and Pepperdine University’s Institute for Public Service and Policy Development. A former competitive martial artist, he won three bronze medals in the Wide World of Sports tournament, was invited to represent the United States in the 2000 millennial games and once chopped a watermelon in half with his bare hand. That last one is by far his proudest accomplishment.

You can reach Rick at visionofthecity@gmail.com.

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